Inexpensive, Easiest Way to Restore Your Tile Grouts Find Out How!

Tired of always cleaning up the nasty stained tile in your pool, bathroom, kitchen, heavy traffic areas or fireplace using the traditional Baking Soda, Vinegar or even buying up some expensive cleaning chemicals just to make the grouts clean, but still ends up having filthy grout lines?  

Well, worry no more, because we're going to drop the bomb that will end those trying times scrubbing tile grouts for hours attempting to get rid of all the dirt that looks like years to remove. 

The Problem 

Grime on grout lines are definitely unattractive. It is mostly caused by soap scum, shampoo, toothpaste, bacteria combined with the hot, humid environment that our bathrooms provide. Others dirty mop water, food and drink spills, improper cleaning products and any other chemical residue left uncleaned and over time builds up into a mildew or the mossy black stain. Another dilemma is when an orange tint appears on the grout lines. These are caused by minerals in our well water. Once it touches a light colored fixture over time you’ll see an orange stain. That hard to clean stains are usually impossible to get rid of especially when the tiles are old. Well, if you are not worried about these issues because you can just replace the tiles then lucky for you.  But how about people who lack the budget for this stuff? Most would try DIY treatments to fix it, scrubbing or mopping the stained area hard only to end up regretting the time spent cleaning because of poor results. Also if you're trying to put your house on the market this normal cleaning won't do, and so this product that I am about to introduce you will definitely blow your mind. Make your tile look brand new in as easy as one, two, three.


The Solution

The Rainbow Grout Pen offers quick and instant results. No more spending long hours just to clean the bathroom or kitchen grouts. Most of us are busy working during the weekdays and some even work weekends, often we no longer have the time to put much effort trying to revive our tile grouts due to busy schedules. This results in dirt, molds and scum build ups that will be super hard to remove, an absolute no, no. I’m going to share with you the Rainbow Grout Pens, specifically designed to revive the look of your wall and floor tile grouts. They come in two sizes and a wide range of colors. The 7ml size variant that has a 5mm bullet nib fit for narrow grouts and the 20ml pen that comes with a wide nib for larger grouts. It's available in 9 color options to choose from, White, Black, Gray, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Beige, Brown, Cream, and Terracotta. A number of colors that will definitely match your tile grout. This Grout Pen is super easy to use and very handy. All you have to do is to make sure the area where you will be applying the product is dry, then prime the pen. Start pumping the pen by pressing down on the tip, this will activate the ink and start the liquid flowing. Apply the ink smoothly on the shabby grout lines to revive it. Make sure to hold the pen at an angle to keep the ink rolling. Grout Pen also dries to the touch in 5 minutes and once fully dried (approx 6 hrs) it will be completely water-proof and you will be left with a brand new looking grout. Simple as that, this entire process might not even take you an hour. What's also great is that it can be used on all types of wall and floor grouts.

The Best Part

Grout Pens might be new to you or maybe you are wondering will be really worth it? Or will it really deliver results?

It is normal to think this way especially when you are introduced to new things.  Here is the best part that makes them stand out among any other imitation grout pen on the market. Grout Pen has an "anti-bacterial & antifungal formula", which means you're not just making the tile grouts look bright and new but also making sure that won’t be coming back.  Next, Grout Pen does not have any strong odor and most especially it does not contain any chemicals that could harm the body. It is absolutely non-toxic. The Rainbow Chalk company cares for the consumers and so they have formulated Grout Pens to deliver great results and at the same time making sure the person using it will not be harmed by toxic chemicals for fumes.  Grout Pens also have a reversible nib. Some buyers are concerned about using Grout Pens because their grout is very rough and can easily damage the tip of a pen.. When it comes to Rainbow Grout Pens there's no need to worry because we have designed the tips to be removable and reversible. Once the tip is worn out, you can just pull out the nib and flip it over, put it back in and wallah! You have a new nib. Then you can just continue and use whatever ink is left on the pen, no ink wasted! Anyone can surely do it.

The Conclusion

There are a lot of ways to clean up the messy tile in our homes. But with the fast-paced world and after tiring work days, we may not keep up with these household concerns. Grout Pen helps you save time, is easy to use, affordable and safe. Upgrade your cleaning with Grout Pens. Why spend money on expensive numerous products that take up time and hard work which will only give you minimal results when you can resort to a budget-friendly product that brings maximum results with less effort.

Try it now and bring your grout lines back to life!